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What I Do



My firm focuses on cases that involve significant personal injury claims, such as  wrongful death, brain injury and other catastrophic  injury cases.  It is my practice to carefully evaluate the  merits of each new case. This is a highly selective approach which allows me to dedicate my experience and legal expertise to aggressively representing my clients. With thirty-five years of experience investigating, developing, negotiating, settling and litigating complex personal injury cases, I have had the privilege of representing a diverse set of clients in all areas of personal injury law.  If you believe that you have a claim and would like to discuss how I may help you, please contact me for a free consultation. Please either use the electronic contact form on this page or call the law firm at 713/355-4343.



As one of the most in-demand, well-respected and hard-working mediators in Texas, I have effectuated the settlement of many of the most complex and high profile cases in our state.  My success as a mediator is directly attributed to my many years of handling and trying challenging cases, forging and maintaining relationships with judges, lawyers and claims adjusters across the board, and my willingness to “listen” to each party during the mediation process. My approach to mediating a case is  similar to the approach I take in the representation of my clients – diligent work and effort with an unwavering goal that the mediation process result in a successful conclusion of each claim. For more information or to schedule a mediation, please use the electronic request form or call the law firm at 713/355-4343.



My ADR practice includes arbitration. Throughout the years, I have served as the sole arbitrator hearing a case, as well as having served on a panel of arbitrators hearing significant and protracted  national and international commercial disputes. While the arbitration process differs from the mediation process, the end goal is the same - to obtain a successful resolution of the dispute without the time, expense and risk associated with going to trial. Please contact me directly to discuss the structure, rules and fees associated with arbitrating your case. You may reach me by email, or by contacting the law firm at 713/355-4343.

Practice Areas

Business Litigation –

- Breach of Contract

- Deceptive Trade Practices

- Breach of Fiduciary Duty

- Negligent Misrepresentation

- Bad Faith Insurance


Premises Liability –

Dog Bites

- Open Holes or Excavations

- Uneven Pavement or Floors

- Falling Objects

- Slip and Fall

- Inadequate Security

- Insufficient Lighting

- Swimming Pool Accidents

Personal Injury - 

- ATV Accidents

- Bicycle Accidents

- Car Accidents

- Drunk Driving

- Distracted Driving

- Catastrophic Injuries

- Construction Accidents

- Motorcycle Accidents

- Pedestrian Accidents

- Truck Accidents

- Wrongful Death

Product Manufacturer Design Defects/Flaws and Manufacturing Defects –

- Auto and/or Auto

  Product Defects

- Children’s Product


- Defective Household


Current or Prospective Clients

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